Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Thrifty Take a Crafty Christmas Ball

A Thrifty Take a Crafty Christmas Ball

Original Video Tutorial By Mikey from the Crochet Crowd .... Please note this is not my pattern only the changes I made find Mikey's Tutorials for the different size Christmas balls using standard round plastic balls here ------>

My Finished Hand-Made Christmas Ball/Babble

So as I mentioned in comments on the video tutorials for the "Christmas Balls" I attempted to make mine with no actual ball ... (In both and attempt to go green and save money …. Yes even only a dollar or two that it might cost in the Dollar Tree)
These are the changes I made to the pattern .........

1)      I Used Red Heart Super Saver – Ocean Yarn
2)      Size 5 Crochet Hook
a.       Not this made for a bit ball but I wanted it bigger for my first try at this.
3)      Things You Need
a.       1 Sock

                                                               i.      I used one of my kids unmatched socks rolled into a ball (though any piece of fabric rolled into a ball would work.
b.      Fabric Softener Sheets
                                                               i.      ) I than used fabric softener sheets (you can either recycled ones already used by saved them after them come of the dryer; they will not have as much of a smell but they work just as well for holding the shape or you can use brand new one.

c.       You can add Essential Oils or Herbs inside when making it such as Cinnamon or Vanilla to help give it a nice scent for the year. *Optional of Course*

I rolled the sock into a ball as you see above.  After the sock was rolled into a ball I wrapped it in several fabric sheets till I was happy with the size.  I measured my ball and followed Mikey's tutorial for the size that was closes to the measurements I had.

To give mine a little flare I used a piece of contrasting white yarn and a tapestry needle and wrote out Christmas 2014 near the bottom.  You could use this method to add all types of things such as Snowflakes, Years, Names and So Much More ....

~Hint~ This is a peak of the inside of the work ... note its ok if it is a mess it will not be seen so do not sweat over making stunning working on the back/inside since it will all be hidden inside the ball.

while it is not the best lettering I do not think it came out badly

And that's it .... Hope you found this to be interest and understandable.  Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts and opinions!

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