Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kitchen Gift Set

So I know I have not done a blog in sometime I have been working on several things.  One of them being this kitchen gift set for a friend.  Right now there is a towel holder, towel and dishcloth and I will be starting a pot holder or two here soon.

This first pic shows the towel holder that is meant to hang off a kitchen stove and a dishcloth that could also be used as a pot holder  if preferred.

 Next we have a close up version of the towel holder.  As you can see the folder over part is big enough to wrap around several different things in the kitchen.  The loops is all free hand without any type of ring.  While it works fine this way I think a loop/ring would have been a better chose to help keep it's shape better.  I am thinking about trying spray starch to see if it will help it keep its shape some.

 This is a close up of the dish cloth but as mentioned above it could also be used as a small pot holder if the person wishes.  The pattern is very simple and can be found on Annie's Learn to Crochet Video.  A few extra lines have been added to make it a tad bigger then the original pattern calls for.

Even though I have only done one C2C item, and that was a baby blanket for a boy, I have been hooked on the fun stitch that works up quickly and looks great.  So I decided to make a smaller version of the C2C (Corner to Corner) blanket to make a hand towel to go with my kitchen gift set.  No pattern was used on this I just worked the C2C out till I felt it was a decent side and then I started to decrease.  No fancy boarder has been added it is just single crochet (sc) all the way around.

Right now there is only these three pieces to the set but I will be doing more to it soon.  I would like to make it at least a four piece set but I think five or six pieces would be nicer.  Perhaps 1 dishcloths, 1 hot pads, 1 towel, 1 towel holder, and 1 pot holders for the main pieces.  I can always add 2 of any of those items as well to make it a much bigger set.  The yarn is 100% cotton since that is the best thing to use in the kitchen.  

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