Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Little Corner of the Net just for some of my Creations .....

After Loobyloo's (Hayley) suggestion I decided to make my own little blog stop dedicated to my creations.  While there will be a mix of things on here I image they will mostly be of jewelry and crocheted items.  Please stop in and drop me a comment on anything you see, feedback no matter the kind is always welcome so I can improve on my skills.

For now let me share some "Past Crocheted Creations"......

So my very first attempt at crochet I used the basic single crochet stitch and made my mother a set of cup holders to help protect the oak coffee table she had just bought.  This was done about April or May of 2013.

My second attempt at crochet came a few months later in August of 2013.  I wanted to make my daughter a scarf, so I sat down and did my own pattern for it ... using just single crochet and double crochet back and forth with two rows of single crochet as the board.  I went on youtube to find out how to make the flower and while it is huge I do not think it turned out too bad for my very first attempt.

Next up was a baby blanket I made for my very best friend's new addition to the family.  I worked this up through the winter months and it took me about two or three months to finish it, I was happy to say I did get it finished in time for her to have it for baby Teagan's birth.  For my third attempt I used a mix of sugar and cream yarn with double and single crochet stitches and my own version of shell stitches for the board (which was just a single, half double, double, half double, single all the way around).  She was very happy with it and Teagan looks cute as can be wrapped up in it.

For my forth attempt at crocheting I am working on a Frilly scarf pattern called "Ruffled Scarf" it is my first attempt at following a pattern .... so stay tuned and we shall see how it turns out!!!

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