Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother Day Creations ....


So since money was so tight I made three handmade gifts for my mother for Mother's Day.  One was a bird house I painted (but I forgot to snap a pic of it before giving it to her) the second was this very simple case for her glasses.  My mother likes to wear magnifying glasses she buys all kinds of crazy looking ones, normally from the dollar tree, so she need something to keep them in so they do not get so scratched up when sitting on the bottom of her purse.  I did it in a light blue since I know she loves all shades of blue.

The third and final gift was a Tech Coozie for her Kindle Fire.  Again the idea behind this was to protect it when she took it out and about with her.

Besides these gifts we both used our gift certificates we had saved up from around Xmas/Yule and went to Panera Bread for lunch and then to see the new Captain America movie.  All in all it was a good Mother's Day, much better then Mother's Day's past *smirks*

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